Who’s Using Advanced Framing?

    Value engineered framing uses fewer resources, saves money, and creates more space for insulation. Here’s how some regular GBA contributors use these techniques.

    Choosing a Healthier Paint

    For the chemically sensitive, and healthy house enthusiasts, there's more to consider when choosing finishes than low-VOCs

    Make It a Mechanical Room, Not Just a Closet

    HVAC equipment is expensive and critical for the health of occupants and buildings, so design the right-sized conditioned space to house it

    Adaptation Communities

    Proponents of New Urbanism articulate reasons to build homes and neighborhoods for resilience in the age of climate change

    Going All Electric in a Cold Climate

    Data-supported strategies and systems for transitioning away from fossil fuel and toward all-electric energy

    The Hot Water Rectangle

    A tool for creating an efficient hot water delivery system

    Retreat in the Age of Fire

    We can't design our way out of all wildfire risk. Retreat may sometimes be the best option.

    Designing a Mechanical Room

    Key considerations for ensuring a safe and efficient space for housing a home’s HVAC components

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