Bonfigioli wall and slab

    I have been wracking my brain trying to solve a problem and this mornings post on the Bonfigioli wall may have provided an elegant solution. I am designing a house…

    Another Look at Plywood

    One builder’s thoughts on a tried-and-true sheathing material in light of today’s environmental concerns

    Interesting design challenge: hot yoga studio building assembly

    An interesting question came up today.  I've encountered a project where there is to be a hot yoga studio (conditions are 106 degrees and 50% RH) built into an existing…

    Ben????? wall? Thermal bridging

    I have a client that is interested in possibly putting strips of rigid insulation on the interior side of studs to combat thermal bridging. I know this has been discussed…

    The Retrofit Podcast: Episode 2, Allison Bailes

       In this episode of the Retrofit Podcast, host Ryan Shanahan talks with Allison Bailes, owner of Energy Vanguard, a company focused on teaching, HVAC design services, and consulting.…

    A Look at State Premier’s New Heat Pump Water Heater

    The redesign of a previous model adds features and flexibility

    Minisplit for basement

    I am about to install a minisplit in the basement. I have had a energy audit done on the whole house and at the time the lady said the smallest…

    hybrid roof details

    i'm putting a roof on a heated outbuilding at high elevation in dry zone 5b. just wanna make sure i'm doing it right. it's 2:12, unvented with (from bottom up),…

    green / high performance building designers in southern Ontario

    Does anyone have any recommendations for designers in southern Ontario? I'm looking to build a combination workshop/garage/shed, etc. near London.

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